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9 Things a Walmart Buyer Does NOT Want to Hear

Author: Jarrod Davis

(Editor’s note: The advisors at 8th & Walton have sat on both sides of Walmart Buyer/Supplier meeting tables. Contact us about helping you prep for that first meeting or next line review). You’ve just finished the meeting with your Walmart Buyer. They walk you to the front lobby, shake hands, and you peel off your visitor’s sticker. As your team walks…

Supply Chain: New Insight and Foresight from Menasha

Author: Jarrod Davis

Here’s the understatement of our time: Yesterday’s supply chain was not set up for today’s shopper. As a supplier, you may already realize that shoppers’ demands and technology’s evolution change so fast that your supply chain struggles to even keep up. It’s a challenge that Kerry Bailey, Director of Retail at Menasha, and his team help suppliers with each week. As…

Advanced Criminals Bring Advanced Technology to Loss Prevention

Author: Jarrod Davis

The ugly side of retail is the reality of theft. From warehouse to website and shelf to doorstep, every step in the chain has a potential for loss on your P&L. “When it comes to criminals, they’ll find the product. The opportunities really are where ever you put the item.” That’s what Eric White of Tyco Retail Solutions/Johnson Controls said in a…

7 Steps to Improve the Centerpoint Process and OTIF

Author: Jarrod Davis

Walmart Suppliers continue to improve efforts for On Time In Full (OTIF). The OTIF initiative is in full swing and has brought a much-needed focus to the supply chain, delivery, and distribution processes. As much as suppliers work to improve their OTIF score, there is one link in the chain where some feel their hands are tied: Centerpoint Distribution Centers. As…

The Best Channels for Candy and Snacks

Author: 8th and Walton

We have several outstanding guests on this week’s special episode of Focus on Suppliers! IRI Worldwide kicks off our Candy and Snacks special with the latest trends in these categories. Greg Chandler, Executive Vice President, also talks about what is driving the growth in these categories and which channels are having the greatest impact. Bazooka Candy Brands shares advice on selling…

Will the New MABD Window Help Your Bottom Line?

Author: Jarrod Davis

Walmart is about to celebrate the new year . . . new fiscal year, that is. February 1 marks the beginning of its first quarter, and the start of its new guidelines for must-arrive-by-date (MABD). Walmart first announced plans to tighten the delivery window for product to arrive at its distribution centers and stores in 2016. Since then, Walmart suppliers have…

mobile sales

How to Increase Your Sales to Millennials

Author: Lanie Petersen

All eyes in retail are on Millennials these days — and for good reason. This demographic is coming into its own, particularly when it comes to spending power. It’s important for suppliers and retailers alike to understand how this age group shops. Millennials Use Retail Apps Before and After Shopping If you only focus on sales to Millennials when they enter…

adult coloring books

Print Books Are Still Readers’ Choice

Author: Jarrod Davis

Remember shopping for the holidays long before the digital age, when you wanted your favorite entertainment on the latest technology? Shoppers would race to the stores to find: New-release movies on VHS Music collections on cassette tapes Photographs on crisp instamatic cameras While each of the above formats lost its stronghold to digital technology, one holiday entertainment  gift-giving standard is beating…

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

A Gift Guaranteed to Deliver Holiday Cheer

Author: Jarrod Davis

Thanksgiving is now a faint memory, holiday decorations are set up, and the shopping marathon is in the last lap! Whether you’re zipping from store to store or website to website, we all have the same obstacle this time of year: that one person. He’s at the bottom of our shopping list because he’s the hardest person to shop for each…