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9 Things a Walmart Buyer Does NOT Want to Hear

Author: Jarrod Davis

(Editor’s note: The advisors at 8th & Walton have sat on both sides of Walmart Buyer/Supplier meeting tables. Contact us about helping you prep for that first meeting or next line review). You’ve just finished the meeting with your Walmart Buyer. They walk you to the front lobby, shake hands, and you peel off your visitor’s sticker. As your team walks…

Why Won’t the Walmart Buyer Return My Email?

Author: Jarrod Davis

(Editor’s note: Our advisory team has worked for and with Walmart’s buyers. We can bridge the gap and make your relationship with Walmart smooth. Click here to schedule a free consultation.) A few years ago, I was working in an office that employed 25 people. I fired up my laptop one morning to find one of my co-workers had sent an…