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Be Proactive! Combat Forced Labor in Your Supply Chain

Author: 8th and Walton

The ability to gather, track, and interpret data has changed the way everyone does business: Retailers and suppliers alike. It also means that businesses are increasingly held accountable by governments, and other businesses, for ensuring that their goods and services are produced ethically. Over the past several years, the media and activist groups have drawn attention to the problem of slavery…

Millennial Minute: How Important Are Sustainable Footprints?

Author: 8th and Walton

When marketing to Millennials and Generation Z, consider your sustainability promise. What it contains can make the difference between a successful effort and a dud. On the April 23rd, 2016 episode of Focus on Suppliers, Jessica Hendrix, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi X, offered a Millennial Minute on the purchasing decisions of Millennials. It turns out that this socially-conscious demographic pays…

Walmart Sustainability Initiative & Suppliers

Author: 8th and Walton

To kick off the new season, Neile Jones talks with Walmart and several suppliers about sustainability. Topics include Walmart’s sustainability efforts, expectations for their supplier partners, and how Walmart measures success – as well as the resources available to guide suppliers toward a more sustainable supply chain. Three examples of successful, sustainable suppliers are Tyson, Eco-Vet Furniture, and KYYA Chocolate. Guests…