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Holiday Security: The Latest Tips, Tricks, and Tactics

Author: Jarrod Davis

Holiday time brings more than increased foot-traffic and sales peaks. It also carries a heightened sense of safety and security for store employees and customers. It’s always a pleasure this time of year to visit with Eric White of Tyco Retail Solutions/Johnson Controls. Eric and his team support suppliers to advance their security and loss prevention efforts year-round. In our recent…

Security Summit Dec. 12 Features Technology and Safety

Author: Jarrod Davis

A fresh take on a familiar topic is coming to Bentonville, and the relevance could not be more timely. The Retail Security Summit: Protecting People and Product takes place on Tuesday, December 12 at the 21C Museum and Hotel. This free event is hosted by Tyco Retail Solutions and features international and local security experts. You can learn more and RSVP by…


How to Reduce Shoplifting Now — 4 Tips

Author: Marie Clapper

Shoplifting — or shrinkage as it’s called in the retailer community — is bad for everyone. It hurts the retailer (no dollars at the cash register), the supplier (no payment for merchandise delivered to the store), and the honest consumer (higher prices to cover shrinkage losses). It’s not a small issue. According to Fortune.com, each year Walmart alone loses about 3 billion…