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Is Retail Link® Being Shut Off for Sam’s Club June 1?

Author: Jarrod Davis

(Editor’s note: Need help today before the June 1 transition? Simply click here to have our team contact you or call 479-715-6700. We’ll provide a quick and easy reporting/archiving solution!) The rumors have been circulating online and in the coffee shops for weeks. Most suppliers supporting Sam’s Club understand some big change is coming June 1, but still have questions on how…

Ask the Expert: When Do I Need a New Vendor Number?

Author: 8th and Walton

Q: Do I need a different vendor number for Walmart.com than what we use for Walmart stores? Walmart assigns a 6-digit vendor number to each CPG supplier. This number will be customized by department and sequence, which allows for multiple and varying terms of agreement. This is your 9-digit vendor number. How to read a 9-digit vendor number: ###### — ##…