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IRI Brings ‘New Big Data’ Into One Platform

Author: Jarrod Davis

As a supplier or retailer, every decision comes down to the data you pull each week. While we hear a lot about innovation based on what we learn from data, few companies are trying to innovate the data itself. That’s where IRI enters the picture. We recently sat down with Michael Ellgass, Executive Vice President of Technology and Retail Media Platforms…

I Never Knew Walmart’s Retail Link® Did That!

Author: Jarrod Davis

Have you ever been frustrated working in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, or some other application? Then, a co-worker hovers over your shoulder and shows you a quick step that makes it easy and saves you loads of time? That’s how our team helps suppliers every week with Walmart’s Retail Link® data system. Retail Link® is a Walmart-owned system (sometimes taught through Walmart Supplier Academy)…