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Where Should Brands Focus in the War with Private Label?

Author: Jarrod Davis

“Fewer and fewer online searches contain brand names, because most shoppers no longer believe brand names equate to quality.” That’s how Jessica Hendrix, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi X, began a very interesting segment on a recent episode of Focus on Suppliers. In the game of big brand versus private label, many analysts and marketing firms point to the predictable solution: if…

Who’s Winning Big in the Brand Wars? Private Label!

Author: Jarrod Davis

There’s a new discussion around an old topic in retail: private label. While store brands or generics have been a part the selection for years, a renewed focus has been put on these programs recently. To find out firsthand what’s happening with private label (and best practices for suppliers and retailers starting new initiatives), we sat down with Chris Koerner on…

Brands Fighting Private Label in the Retail War

Author: Jarrod Davis

Analysts point to many factors contributing to the growing popularity of private label products: Lower prices in uncertain economic times Consumers seeking more choices Millennials distrust of brand messaging Whereas private label products were once a nice alternative for the customer, they are now a major focus for large retailers. Major retailers are building their corporate brand on the shoulders of…