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I Just Got Laid Off. . .Now What?

Author: Jarrod Davis

“You’re going to be fine.” “Everything’s going to work out.” “I’m sure you’ll land on your feet.” I’ve heard each one of these phrases while being escorted out of an office. None of them is helpful. In fact, when you’re sitting in your car with the contents of your former desk in the passenger seat, none of them seems true. However,…

Who’s Winning Big in the Brand Wars? Private Label!

Author: Jarrod Davis

There’s a new discussion around an old topic in retail: private label. While store brands or generics have been a part the selection for years, a renewed focus has been put on these programs recently. To find out firsthand what’s happening with private label (and best practices for suppliers and retailers starting new initiatives), we sat down with Chris Koerner on…

Preventing Theft Promotes More In Store Sales

Author: Jarrod Davis

In the air and in the stores, it’s starting to feel like the holiday season! Over the next several weeks, we’ll all be in meetings discussing sales, click-throughs, markdowns, and all things retail. However, we can’t forget the safety of the customer. As the stores get more crowded, it’s important to plan for a safe shopping experience. Eric White of Tyco…