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Calling On Walmart? Plan Your Packaging Capacity Carefully

Author: Jarrod Davis

Congratulations! Walmart wants your item on their store shelves! Oh…now what? Before the official purchase order gets issued, the magic has to start happening behind the scenes immediately. How can a new supplier wisely plan packaging around any surprises that may happen before receiving the purchase order? On a recent episode of Focus on Suppliers, we spoke with Kerry Bailey, Director of Retail at…

How to Partner for Your International Business Growth

Author: Jarrod Davis

I had a memorable conversation with a supplier earlier this year. We were meeting about his business, and he was explaining where his company shipped internationally. “The growth has been amazing,” he said. “Our products do really well in China, England…oh, and Canada. I keep forgetting Canada is international because they’re right there.” This conversation popped back into my head as…

How to Dress for Success . . . Not You! Your Products!

Author: Jarrod Davis

Retail analysts confirm that a consumer’s purchase decision is likely to change in-store. They plan, research, and make the trip, but may switch at the point of purchase. Leading factors that tempt a shopper to switch in the aisle include price, better information on a competing brand, or added value. All of this is communicated through the best salesperson for any…