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Communicating During Retailers’ Holiday Communication Blackout

Author: Jarrod Davis

Suppliers and retailers are bracing for a strong holiday shopping season. Positive analysis from the National Retail Federation combined with an early Thanksgiving are paving the way for big fourth quarter profits. Increased customer traffic means more employees needed on the sales floor. To keep their stores focused, most retailers enforce a “communication blackout” between October and the end of December.…

Movista Simplifies Complex Workforce Management to a Simple App

Author: Jarrod Davis

In recent years, we’ve seen the demands of retail outpace the technology to support them. Aside from obvious changes in supply chain and packaging, the people aspect has also changed drastically. Today’s managers are responsible for setting direction, measuring accountability, and tracking progress of tasks for employees and third parties across the country they rarely see. It’s an issue facing all…

Is There a Better Way to Manage Decentralized Teams?

Author: Jarrod Davis

Are you responsible for managing a team of employees? With all the challenges of managing people, one of the biggest is tracking their progress when they: work in opposite areas of your building work remotely, whether local or out of state are third parties brought in to complete tasks across the country Walmart Suppliers understand this burden as they work to…