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How to Increase Your Sales to Millennials

Author: Lanie Petersen

All eyes in retail are on Millennials these days — and for good reason. This demographic is coming into its own, particularly when it comes to spending power. It’s important for suppliers and retailers alike to understand how this age group shops. Millennials Use Retail Apps Before and After Shopping If you only focus on sales to Millennials when they enter…

Millennial Parenting: A Team Sport

Author: 8th and Walton

90% of New Moms Are Millennials While news stories occasionally profile older mothers, the truth is that 90% of new moms in the U.S. today are Millennials. Their average age is 26 and, true to their demographic, they are absolutely passionate about the “cause” of parenting. In fact, they regard the work of mothering as the most important thing that they…

How to Make Connecting with Millennials Convenient

Author: 8th and Walton

Not so long ago, the media was buzzing with some surprising news: Millennials are shopping at Walmart. In fact, Walmart CMO, Steve Bratspies, recently noted that two-thirds of all Millennials in the U.S. had shopped a Walmart over the past month. That doesn’t mean that Walmart and its suppliers are guaranteed Millennial business, though. Why? Jessica Hendrix of Saatchi & Saatchi…

Suppliers: You Need to Create Experiences for Millennials

Author: 8th and Walton

  Don’t let memes and media reports fool you; Millennials may like their devices, but they love to engage with others. In fact, according to Jessica Hendrix of Saatchi & Saatchi X, eight out of every ten Millennials name an in-person activity or event as the best experience of their lives. Even more interesting is that Millennials are 78% more likely…

Millennial Shopping

Millennials Like to Be the Expert

Author: 8th and Walton

Ever gone shopping with a Millennial? It can be an adventure, because they aren’t content to just grab a product off the shelf and toss it in the cart. Millennials want to know what they’re buying. So don’t be surprised if your shopping companion spends a lot of time reading product labels, checking out demos, or talking to store staff about…

Catering to the Millennial Sweet Tooth

Author: 8th and Walton

While dentists and nutritionists have long cautioned against the consumption of sugary treats, Millennials seem to be blithely ignoring these warnings. As it turns out, this age group loves candy, resulting in significant sales growth for candy manufacturers. Saatchi & Saatchi X’s Jessica Hendrix made this point on Focus on Suppliers recently when she spoke about the popularity of Skittles among…

Millennial Minute: How Important Are Sustainable Footprints?

Author: 8th and Walton

When marketing to Millennials and Generation Z, consider your sustainability promise. What it contains can make the difference between a successful effort and a dud. On the April 23rd, 2016 episode of Focus on Suppliers, Jessica Hendrix, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi X, offered a Millennial Minute on the purchasing decisions of Millennials. It turns out that this socially-conscious demographic pays…

Walmart Sustainability Initiative & Suppliers

Author: 8th and Walton

To kick off the new season, Neile Jones talks with Walmart and several suppliers about sustainability. Topics include Walmart’s sustainability efforts, expectations for their supplier partners, and how Walmart measures success – as well as the resources available to guide suppliers toward a more sustainable supply chain. Three examples of successful, sustainable suppliers are Tyson, Eco-Vet Furniture, and KYYA Chocolate. Guests…