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Walmart.com Product Search

Walmart SEO: How to Rank Highly for Walmart.com Searches

Author: 8th and Walton

(Editor’s note: Want help succeeding on Walmart.com? Our e-commerce team can take the load off your plate or work with you to make it happen! Click here to learn more about our advisory services.) — After a lot of hard work, you’ve finally got your products on Walmart.com. Here’s the question: Can anyone find them? Millions of shoppers hit Walmart.com each…

Major Retail Changes All Lead Back to E-Commerce

Author: Jarrod Davis

(Editor’s note: Walmart is constantly innovating as it ventures further into e-commerce. Don’t get left behind! Click here to learn more about growing your online sales with Walmart.) New product lines, numerous acquisitions, branding overhauls. . .retail news has been filled with headlines of companies striving to entice the online shopper. As major players try each month to “one-up” each other for…

The Online Marketplace: Confusion in a Promising New Frontier

Author: 8th and Walton

Many larger retailers are now allowing their suppliers to list and sell products on their websites directly through an online marketplace. When a sale is made, sometimes the supplier ships the products, and sometimes the retailer handles the fulfillment of the order. But always it is the retailer who collects the customer’s money. That’s where the confusion can start for many…