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Holiday Security: The Latest Tips, Tricks, and Tactics

Author: Jarrod Davis

Holiday time brings more than increased foot-traffic and sales peaks. It also carries a heightened sense of safety and security for store employees and customers. It’s always a pleasure this time of year to visit with Eric White of Tyco Retail Solutions/Johnson Controls. Eric and his team support suppliers to advance their security and loss prevention efforts year-round. In our recent…

Awareness is Key to Safety for Customers and Employees

Author: Jarrod Davis

As retailers begin fine-tuning strategies for Black Friday and holiday shopping (yes, it’s fast-approaching!), there’s more on the drawing board than product features and where the line begins. Keeping customers and employees safe is a priority for every business. Even apart from the busy shopping season, public safety is top of mind in more settings than ever before. Eric White and…

Advanced Criminals Bring Advanced Technology to Loss Prevention

Author: Jarrod Davis

The ugly side of retail is the reality of theft. From warehouse to website and shelf to doorstep, every step in the chain has a potential for loss on your P&L. “When it comes to criminals, they’ll find the product. The opportunities really are where ever you put the item.” That’s what Eric White of Tyco Retail Solutions/Johnson Controls said in a…