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The Future of Better and Faster Decision Making

Author: 8th and Walton

As a retailer or supplier, do you spend hours pouring over spreadsheets of consumer data? Making decisions about your business can get messy in the numbers. Recently, we’ve learned how the team at IRI makes data collection easier through their Liquid Data® Technology. Now we’re going deeper into their process to see how they make the next step seamless as well:…

Don’t Use Old Data to Power New Media!

Author: 8th and Walton

What does the average American do for 11 hours a day? Exactly what you’re doing right now: interacting with some form of media. Reading articles, watching TV or online videos, listening to podcasts and radio, scanning social posts, and much more. Most of us spend our day (for business and pleasure) engrossed in media. The interesting thing for suppliers and retailers…

IRI Brings ‘New Big Data’ Into One Platform

Author: Jarrod Davis

As a supplier or retailer, every decision comes down to the data you pull each week. While we hear a lot about innovation based on what we learn from data, few companies are trying to innovate the data itself. That’s where IRI enters the picture. We recently sat down with Michael Ellgass, Executive Vice President of Technology and Retail Media Platforms…