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Click and Mortar? Maximize Stores for Digital Growth

Author: Jarrod Davis

At any given moment in retail, these questions are being asked in the weekly marketing meeting: “What are the numbers on our last digital campaign?” “Wait, are those impressions or click-throughs?” “How much time are they spending on the site once they click? They are clicking, right?” Jessica Hendrix, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi X, makes an intriguing observation about driving…

How Important Is the Point of Purchase?

Author: Jarrod Davis

Online sales are growing and mobile shopping continues to get more convenient. Is brick and mortar (and the importance of point of purchase marketing) becoming obsolete? Not by a long shot, according to retail analysts. Recent studies point to factors supporting the need for traditional retail and grocery stores: Most shoppers admit to only researching online before purchasing in a store…