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Supply Chain Customization: Seasonal to Doorstep with Menasha

Author: Jarrod Davis

What exactly does it mean when we hear “yesterday’s supply chain just wasn’t built for today’s customer?” Suppliers understand the outdated supply chain part, but “today’s customer” can mean two things: First, there’s the shopper buying your product. Your product isn’t just facing them in a store aisle. They’re researching you online and asking for home delivery or curb-side pickup. Your…

Communicating During Retailers’ Holiday Communication Blackout

Author: Jarrod Davis

Suppliers and retailers are bracing for a strong holiday shopping season. Positive analysis from the National Retail Federation combined with an early Thanksgiving are paving the way for big fourth quarter profits. Increased customer traffic means more employees needed on the sales floor. To keep their stores focused, most retailers enforce a “communication blackout” between October and the end of December.…

Preventing Theft Promotes More In Store Sales

Author: Jarrod Davis

In the air and in the stores, it’s starting to feel like the holiday season! Over the next several weeks, we’ll all be in meetings discussing sales, click-throughs, markdowns, and all things retail. However, we can’t forget the safety of the customer. As the stores get more crowded, it’s important to plan for a safe shopping experience. Eric White of Tyco…

Your Marketing Is Good, But Is It Relevant?

Author: Jarrod Davis

We’re weeks away from the busiest shopping season of the year. It’s the time when marketers get to show off some of their best work to promote brands, services, and new products for the holidays. That “best work” hits consumers from every marketing angle to grab their attention: Radio/TV commercials Digital ads, banners, influencers, and pop-up messaging In-store signage, displays, and…