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Calling On Walmart? Plan Your Packaging Capacity Carefully

Author: Jarrod Davis

Congratulations! Walmart wants your item on their store shelves! Oh…now what? Before the official purchase order gets issued, the magic has to start happening behind the scenes immediately. How can a new supplier wisely plan packaging around any surprises that may happen before receiving the purchase order? On a recent episode of Focus on Suppliers, we spoke with Kerry Bailey, Director of Retail at…

How Important Is In-Store Signage in the Omni-Channel World?

Author: Jarrod Davis

It seems like the online retail pendulum has swung the other way in just a few years. At one time, retailers needed an internet presence to drive awareness and traffic to their brick and mortar stores. Today, there are more systems and operational procedures working in physical stores to drive more online transactions. One element that has to work even harder…

How Important Is the Point of Purchase?

Author: Jarrod Davis

Online sales are growing and mobile shopping continues to get more convenient. Is brick and mortar (and the importance of point of purchase marketing) becoming obsolete? Not by a long shot, according to retail analysts. Recent studies point to factors supporting the need for traditional retail and grocery stores: Most shoppers admit to only researching online before purchasing in a store…