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Major Retail Changes All Lead Back to E-Commerce

Author: Jarrod Davis

(Editor’s note: Walmart is constantly innovating as it ventures further into e-commerce. Don’t get left behind! Click here to learn more about growing your online sales with Walmart.) New product lines, numerous acquisitions, branding overhauls. . .retail news has been filled with headlines of companies striving to entice the online shopper. As major players try each month to “one-up” each other for…

I Just Got Laid Off. . .Now What?

Author: Jarrod Davis

“You’re going to be fine.” “Everything’s going to work out.” “I’m sure you’ll land on your feet.” I’ve heard each one of these phrases while being escorted out of an office. None of them is helpful. In fact, when you’re sitting in your car with the contents of your former desk in the passenger seat, none of them seems true. However,…