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A Closer Look at the Gift of Mentoring

Author: Jarrod Davis

Every week, I get the fun job of visiting with industry leaders on the 8th & Walton Conference Call podcast. The interviews are very relaxed, and it’s nice to share a few laughs while learning about the evolving retail landscape. This week was particularly enjoyable as I got to speak with Tim McCarthy, President of WorkPlace Impact, about mentoring. Not only was he…

Are You an On Time In FOOL?

Author: Jarrod Davis

Yes, that’s a terrible pun for such a serious initiative. However, I was surprised to learn recently how much reality there is behind that play on words. We were very fortunate to have Colby Beland, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at CaseStack, as a guest on the Conference Call podcast. I enjoyed talking with Colby about Walmart’s On Time In…

Retailtainment Expert Jessica Hendrix

Today’s Consumer Needs to Engage with Entertainment

Author: Jarrod Davis

“Retailtainment” became a buzz word decades ago. The original idea was to give the customer more than a shopping experience. Marketers dreamed up amazing ways to provide entertainment at the store to lure in new traffic and make the brand memorable. However, in recent years, the retailtainment element has grown stale. The attempt at being entertained in a retail store is…

How to Increase Sales With Online Content

Author: Jarrod Davis

Retailers focusing their efforts on today’s shoppers will sometimes place customers into two camps: the in-store customer and the online customer. While there are extremes on both sides, the majority of today’s shoppers are in the middle. What that means is the delivery methods of in-store and online are not competing with one another; they are actually complementing each other. Online…

How to Reduce Shoplifting Now — 4 Tips

Author: Marie Clapper

Shoplifting — or shrinkage as it’s called in the retailer community — is bad for everyone. It hurts the retailer (no dollars at the cash register), the supplier (no payment for merchandise delivered to the store), and the honest consumer (higher prices to cover shrinkage losses). It’s not a small issue. According to, each year Walmart alone loses about 3 billion…

In the Market for Better Marketing?

Author: Jarrod Davis

“What’s our marketing budget?” “Who’s our audience?” “Is this worth our dollars?” “Is that font appealing to millennials?” After five minutes in any marketing meeting, you’ll hear every question from budget to background to shade of blue! Jessica Hendrix (CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi X) and team help clients with these decisions each week. One question they tackle for any messaging…

No Free Time? Employees Surf for Deals on the Clock

Author: Jarrod Davis

Most of us in the workplace have the same routine each night. After a long day at the office, we sit down to a late dinner with a familiar place setting: plate, silverware, napkin, smartphone. Staying connected and working after hours is becoming the rule over the exception, but a healthy work/life balance still finds a way. Recent studies show as…

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How to Increase Your Sales to Millennials

Author: Lanie Petersen

All eyes in retail are on Millennials these days — and for good reason. This demographic is coming into its own, particularly when it comes to spending power. It’s important for suppliers and retailers alike to understand how this age group shops. Millennials Use Retail Apps Before and After Shopping If you only focus on sales to Millennials when they enter…


Millennials Seek Value and Do Their Research

Author: Lanie Petersen

We all know that Millennials love to shop, but it’s also important to know how this demographic makes purchasing decisions. It turns out that 72 percent of Millennials research products and services online before making a commitment to buy. The two biggest factors driving this group’s buying decisions are value and price. [Tweet “72% of Millennials research products online before they…

Valuable Advice from Social Media Sensations Sam + Nic

Author: 8th and Walton

Sam and Nic Chapman (sisters, makeup artists, and YouTube sensations) join Focus on Suppliers this week to discuss how social media is transforming the beauty industry. Sam + Nic provide fun and instructional videos through YouTube to compare products and to help makeup users learn how to pull off new techniques. The pair have more than 2 million followers with over 250 million…