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Simple Step to Big Growth: Powerful Mentoring

Author: Jarrod Davis

If you’ve ever tuned in to Focus on Suppliers, you know the mission of the show. We talk with business leaders about best practices, case studies, and how to overcome challenges that other suppliers may face. However, the show we aired on February 18 was a little different, and it’s my favorite show to date. We personalized it just for you and…

Ask the Expert: When Do I Need a New Vendor Number?

Author: 8th and Walton

Q: Do I need a different vendor number for than what we use for Walmart stores? Walmart assigns a 6-digit vendor number to each CPG supplier. This number will be customized by department and sequence, which allows for multiple and varying terms of agreement. This is your 9-digit vendor number. How to read a 9-digit vendor number: ###### — ##…

Ask the Expert: What Is the Difference Between a Shipper and an Assortment?

Author: 8th and Walton

Q: What is the difference between an assortment and a shipper — and when do I need to use them? First things first: Assortment is a term used to describe more than one item with different UPC codes grouped together for shipping and/or ordering purposes. The Prime or Parent is the Walmart item number representing the group of individual items to be…

Joel Graham

Ask the Expert: Do I Even Want to Be 100% In-Stock?

Author: 8th and Walton

Q: “Currently, each of our items has an in-stock threshold of 99%. Our buyer is asking when we will be at 100%. Is this feasible? How big of a difference is 1%? How do I handle this?” In retail, there will always be a push and pull between these competing demands: to drive sales and to maximize profitability of inventory investment.…