Supplier Help: Getting Less than Perfect Merchandise Shelf-Ready

Author: 8th and Walton

Quality Corrections and InspectionsYou have heard this scenario before.

You just received a shipment of imported product and have a short window of opportunity to transport it to Walmart stores or distribution centers. Then, you get the call. The imported product does not meet the acceptable standards:

  • Items are improperly labeled
  • Wet product and mold
  • Wrong components or excessive lead content

Now that you have discovered a problem, what are your options? Do you discard the shipment or absorb the cost and hope to make it up in the fourth quarter? You don’t have to take a loss on less than perfect merchandise. The experts at Quality Corrections & Inspections are only one click away from turning your problem into a profit.


Inaccuracies found on labels of imported product can be a logistic nightmare. Size tags, UPC labels, Country of Origin and Care Content labels all must be accurate on your product. Apart from government and customs regulations, consumers are paying more attention to product labeling than ever before.

Getting merchandise relabeled for compliance is a frequent request for the Quality Corrections & Inspections team. From exterior package or box stickers to hang tags, heat transfer, and even sewn-in labels, the QCI team is set up on both coasts to process various relabeling tasks with quick turn times to make product floor-ready.

Wet Product and Mold

Once your product is in a container on a ship, it can be subject to moisture contamination. Monsoon season in Asia can cause condensation damage, which can wreak havoc on freight. This results in wet product, odors, dye migration, and even mold on leather goods, footwear, and apparel.

The team at QCI acknowledges that these types of problems can be a bit more challenging, but they are equipped with an arsenal of resources to disarm all moisture and mold related issues. Both of their East and West Coast facilities can provide high volume laundry service, spot cleaning and dry cleaning. They even have the ability to resolve dye migration issues.

Odor and mold are issues the QCI team has remedied for many years. Despite suppliers’ best efforts to prevent odor or mold in shipments, many goods are produced and packaged for shipment in high-humidity environments. These environments can be breeding grounds for odor and  mold.

There is no need to panic. QCI can salvage these shipments quickly to get product to store shelves. 

Great Condition, Wrong Assembly

In addition to footwear and apparel reworks, there are even more services QCI can provide for you. Imported products can be improperly assembled or even missing parts all together, leaving your shipment less than desirable. QCI can cost effectively turn your problem around without turning the ship around.

Quality Corrections and InspectionsThen there’s the strict regulations of lead content found on children’s toys and apparel. From replacing a piece on a child’s toy to replacing buttons on a children’s shirt, your inventory can quickly become compliant again for resale and meet the expected quality standards. The QCI team can make adjustments from toys to textiles and everything in between. They have seen everything come off the ship!

Are you ready to see if Quality Corrections & Inspections can meet your challenges?  To learn more about their high-volume services, click here to visit their website. Don’t take a loss on your less than perfect freight. QCI has been a trusted friend to the retail communities for over 30 years, providing top notch economical reworks with quick turn times and facilities on both coasts of the USA.



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