Is There a Better Way to Manage Decentralized Teams?

Author: Jarrod Davis

Are you responsible for managing a team of employees? With all the challenges of managing people, one of the biggest is tracking their progress when they:

  • work in opposite areas of your building
  • work remotely, whether local or out of state
  • are third parties brought in to complete tasks across the country

Movista helps suppliers manage decentralized teams.Walmart Suppliers understand this burden as they work to verify product placement and feature execution in stores. To help track the progress of their decentralized teams, some are using workforce-monitoring technology developed by Movista. On a recent 8th & Walton Conference Call podcast, we spoke with Stan Zylowski, President and Co-founder of Movista to learn how the technology works and about his journey as an entrepreneur to solve this problem for growing businesses.

Workforce Management Technology Filling a Gap

Zylowski and the team at Movista are celebrating eight years of growth. He explains how the Northwest Arkansas-based company is supporting businesses across the country as the landscape continues to evolve to decentralization.

“We’re a software platform that allows companies to manage their remote workforce usingStan Zylowski, President and Co-Founder of Movista smart devices,” he begins. “Whether we’re helping a retailer manage the store floor, or maybe a team that moves from store to store throughout the day, we have a single platform that provides one version of the truth to all stakeholders along the chain.”

Streamlining the process for businesses started with streamlining Movista’s purpose. Zylowski credits part of his success on a simple vision, adapting over time to fill a need.

“We really formed this business with the concept of helping people resolve the challenges that are natural to a remote workforce,” he details. “If we can help the management team effectively and efficiently understand what’s going on out there and address it, and if we can help the field workers themselves have a clear understanding of what the objectives are (with the resources to go and execute), then a lot of people will want to use what we have.”

Raising Efficiency While Lowering Cost

For smaller or mid-size businesses, investing in the technology to track and communicate with a mobile workforce may appear expensive. However, as Zylowski illustrates, this is an area of technology becoming as practical as it is effective.

“The software simplifies tasking, file-sharing, compliance of activities, communicating photos and signatures and more. It really helps when a company has the interaction of multiple stakeholder groups. Movista helps facilitate execution in the field via very clear delineation of expectations.”

While others have tried to execute similar systems, Zylowski explains how the cost-savings has grown. “We provide people with the information and assets they need in the field to do their job. We do it all through readily available smart devices, which is a cost driver for a lot of businesses. It really drives down the cost versus older more enterprise-grade devices.”

It All Comes Back to Customer Experience

Through all the checks and balances, Movista understands customer experience will make or break their clients. Zylowski recognizes his company’s opportunity to help in this area, both in the stores and online.

Mosita software platform“What we know is those who are winning in retail are providing a consistent experience between their online presence and their in-store presence,” he concludes. “For Movista specifically, where we add value to the customer experience is we allow companies to have their vision of the store, which should match their vision of online. That vision has to be executed.

“It doesn’t matter what plans you draw up, if they are not clearly communicated and executed in the store, they’re just worthless. When you look at how we can leverage technologies to increase and improve the customer experience in stores, then you’re getting somewhere.”

To hear our entire interview with Stan Zylowski of Movista, click here for the 8th & Walton Conference Call podcast.



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