Is Retail Link® Being Shut Off for Sam’s Club June 1?

Author: Jarrod Davis

(Editor’s note: Need help today before the June 1 transition? Simply click here to have our team contact you or call 479-715-6700. We’ll provide a quick and easy reporting/archiving solution!)

sams retail link dssThe rumors have been circulating online and in the coffee shops for weeks. Most suppliers supporting Sam’s Club understand some big change is coming June 1, but still have questions on how it will impact their work in Retail Link®.

To find out what’s really changing, we sat down with 8th & Walton’s Joel Graham on a recent Conference Call podcast. He not only cleared up the rumors, but gave advice on what suppliers need to do prior to June 1 and how his team can help.

What’s Happening to Sam’s Retail Link®?

We started with the big question: Is Retail Link® being shut off for Sam’s Club suppliers on June 1?

“The basic answer is ‘no,'” Joel begins. “However, what’s really being impacted is the reporting capabilities through Decision Support, or DSS. DSS is being shut off on June 1, and that will cause a huge ripple in the supplier world.”

What’s the Impact of DSS Being Shut Off?

Having Decision Support, or DSS, shut off for Sam’s Club has a huge impact in terms of suppliers’ historical data. After June 1, for historical sales, only three weeks plus the current week of history will be available.

“There are some things a supplier can do,” Joel explains, “to retrieve historical data and archive it. Our team at 8th & Walton can assist with that; just call us and we can walk you through it.

“In Retail Link®, there are a couple of other options, like Sam’s Item Link. It’s very limited, but it is another way to get reporting data.”

Preparing for the June 1 Shut Off

As a supplier to Sam’s Club, there are steps to take while data in DSS is still available. Joelsams retail link dss and team can help supplier teams maneuver the transition, but offers advice to set your future analytics up for success.

“Think about what you’re doing every week that you’ll need that you’ll miss,” he advises. “Club level item sales for the last 52 weeks, velocities, any SIC or Business Member sales, analysis, and market basket data. Pull whatever you will no longer have access to that you want to have historically to compare against in the future. Start building a database that gives you the ability to do comparisons.”

Next Steps to Get Help

Joel concludes by reiterating simple preparation is just a click away! Reaching out to his team at 8th & Walton puts the wheels in motion fast to get your data pulled, archived, and put in a template built for your business. However, you must contact us no later than Tuesday, May 29 so we can schedule time to help prior to June 1.

“We have experts here that are highly analytical,” he concludes. “We’ll create that master template for you so you can add the data to it each week and not have to do a lot of re-work. We’re happy to help with that.”

To hear our entire interview with Joel Graham, click here for the 8th & Walton Conference Call podcast.



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