What Is Digital First Marketing? Community Coffee Tries Innovative Launch

Author: Jarrod Davis

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community coffee digital firstInnovation is happening every day in retail. However, the focus for some companies is not just on new product offerings or supply chain. Companies like Community Coffee are taking an innovative approach to launching new products and marketing them to today’s shopper.

Ryan Schemmel, Vice President of Sales and Ecommerce for Community Coffee, was our guest on the 8th & Walton Conference Call podcast. During our conversation, he unveiled Community Coffee’s new product and why they chose to bring it to market in a unique way: digital first.

Something New for Your Brew

For starters, we wanted to know what Community Coffee was bringing to market. As Schemmel explains, the innovation of the item itself contributed to the digital first launch and marketing.

“We’re launching an espresso capsule product,” he begins. “It’s an innovative item that we think is potentially the third pillar of the coffee category in the near future.  It’s really exciting. You can find it soon at walmart.com and samsclub.com as well.”

Know Your Shopper, Know Your Marketing

As with all things in marketing, knowing your shopper is a huge part of success. When making the decision to launch a new item digital first, Schemmel describes the research to lay the groundwork for success.

“There are a few considerations to take into account,” he begins. “One is, where are community coffee digital firstshoppers buying it? This category is really over-developed online. We researched where shoppers were currently buying it, and dot com rose to the top. So that’s where we decided to launch this item.

“We also understand that it’s a younger consumer buying espresso capsules. The unique thing about this product is it’s a smaller serving of coffee and a stronger serving of coffee. We’re finding that’s what the younger consumers really want.”

Advice for Digital First Launch

The team at Community Coffee put time and research into this strategy, and believes it will pay off for their 2018 goals. When asked about advice for other suppliers considering launching a product digital first, Schemmel concluded with the advantages for small companies and seasoned businesses alike.

community coffee digital first“First is obviously speed to market. You don’t have to wait for line review timing,” he begins. “For dot com, you can go live as soon as you get the item on the website and the content up and running.

“Second is the national and international reach with dot com. You don’t have the same boundaries as brick-and-mortar. For smaller companies or regional brands, you can instantly be world-wide.

“A third advantage is instant feedback. You get direct engagement with your shopper.

“The fourth is content. You can really bring your content to life online. In a category where people want to do research and hear feedback from other consumers, you can really bring a lot of good content to life on dot com that you can’t in-store.”

To hear our entire interview with Ryan Schemmel, click here to listen to the 8th & Walton Conference Call podcast.



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