I Never Knew Walmart’s Retail Link® Did That!

Author: Jarrod Davis

retail linkHave you ever been frustrated working in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, or some other application? Then, a co-worker hovers over your shoulder and shows you a quick step that makes it easy and saves you loads of time? That’s how our team helps suppliers every week with Walmart’s Retail Link® data system.

Retail Link® is a Walmart-owned system that allows suppliers to manage their own products. It gives suppliers the ability to:

  • Monitor item data
  • Review sales and inventory volume
  • Calculate in-stock percentage
  • Analyze gross margin and inventory turnover
  • And much, much more!

That “much, much more” is the kicker! We see the sighs of relief and looks of amazement each week in our Retail Link® classes at 8th & Walton. It’s easy for a supplier or analyst to get in a routine of steps, but never explore other aspects of the system to make their job (and results!) more efficient. For a free sample of things you may not know about Retail Link®, click here to download our Top 8 Retail Link® Fun Features.

Why Take a Retail Link® Class?

If you have access to Retail Link® and the system provides some help, why do you need to take a class? “You don’t,” says Jeff Clapper, President and CEO of 8th & Walton (surprisingly!). Clapper was posed this question on a recent episode of Focus on Suppliers. After giving the short answer, he went on to explain why small and medium-sized suppliers should invest training dollars in the classes.

“There are plenty of ways you can learn the information on your own,” he says. “The reason so many suppliers come to us for the Retail Link® training is to save time and costly mistakes.”

Clapper goes on to illustrate the importance of new suppliers seeking training at the walmart retail linkbeginning of their Walmart journey. “If a company is new to working with Walmart, they only have a month or two before their buyer is starting to review the modular that’s a few months down the road. In that time, they need to hit the ground running.

“They need to show great success ahead of that review. Suppliers come to us to shorten that learning curve rather than have to learn everything Walmart expects on their own in a small amount of time.”

What Kind of Retail Link® Class Do I Need?

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, there’s always something new to explore in Retail Link®.  We recently spoke with one of 8th & Walton’s expert advisers about the different classes on a Conference Call podcast. She detailed just a few of the learnings suppliers can expect from 8th & Walton’s Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Retail Link®.

walmart retail link“Beginning Retail Link® really teaches about the system and some of the applications in it,” she explains. “We go over some of the basic queries you can run, like a sales query and a store detail query.

“Once we get into Intermediate Retail Link®, that’s where we start building,” she continues. “We learn some shortcuts into building a query and creating groups. Groups help analysts get through the query-building process faster. We also go into some more detailed Retail Link® reports.”

Advanced Retail Link® is where it all gets put into analytical practice. “In Advanced, we go over some templates that show how to do forecasts, sales analysis, and check top-line sales items.”

How Can I Learn the Tools and Shortcuts?

Helping suppliers and analysts is what 8th & Walton does every week in Northwest Arkansas and across the country. To take that next step in your journey with Walmart by mastering Retail Link®:



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