I Just Got Laid Off. . .Now What?

Author: Jarrod Davis

laid off“You’re going to be fine.”

“Everything’s going to work out.”

“I’m sure you’ll land on your feet.”

I’ve heard each one of these phrases while being escorted out of an office. None of them is helpful. In fact, when you’re sitting in your car with the contents of your former desk in the passenger seat, none of them seems true.

However, I will say each time I was laid off, I eventually ended up somewhere I enjoyed more than my previous job. It didn’t happen as quickly as I wanted, but it did happen.

Once you’ve gone through a layoff and finally landed a new job, you’re more than happy to help the next person experiencing it for the first time. Because so many of my peers and I have been there, we all enjoy sharing what we learned, providing tools and advice on sourcing that next job, and helping prepare anyone currently employed in case it does happen at their work.

Our Podcast Series with Advice from the Experts

We dedicated several weeks of our 8th & Walton Conference Call podcast to job seekers going through a layoff. Our guests on each show brought their expertise and tools to help anyone seeking a new position.

Each podcast below covers a new topic for each step in your journey. Many of these guests have also gone through layoffs and offer sound advice professionally and personally. Click the links below to go to each podcast:

A Few Quick Tips

laid offAside from the great advice on the podcasts, below are a few things I learned when I was in-between jobs. I attended a lot of support groups, career fairs, networking circles, and worked with career counselors. From those sources, here are some of the best tips I got that may also help as you seek your next opportunity:

  • Finding a job is now your full-time job. Dedicate the hours, research, and meetings to it just as you would a work project.
  • Employed or not, always have an updated resume.
  • Tell everyone you know you’re looking for a new position. Most positions come from recommendations and not random applications.
  • Keep your social media positive. Employers can research anything you post.
  • Don’t burn bridges. Your former boss and peers can be your biggest advocates in your job search.
  • Appearance is key. When you go out in public, assume you’ll meet your next boss.
  • Keep your LinkedIn account updated and professional.
  • Practice interviewing. Tell your success stories out loud at home, in the car, and in front of a mirror.
  • Volunteer with free time and list it on your resume. Employers like to see your were active in-between jobs.



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