Security Summit Dec. 12 Features Technology and Safety

Author: Jarrod Davis

A fresh take on a familiar topic is coming to Bentonville, and the relevance could not be more timely.

securityThe Retail Security Summit: Protecting People and Product takes place on Tuesday, December 12 at the 21C Museum and Hotel. This free event is hosted by Tyco Retail Solutions and features international and local security experts. You can learn more and RSVP by clicking here.

We had the chance to visit with Eric White of Tyco Retail Solutions on a recent 8th & Walton Conference Call podcast (you can listen to his interview at bottom of this article). He gave us an overview of the summit and reinforced that everyone is welcome.

“It’s open to the public, but we’ll be geared toward people in retail and suppliers supporting retailers to really get a sense of security concerns,” White says. “We’ll also look at what’s happening in technology to help your business be more efficient.”

Who Should Attend the Security Summit?

The idea to host the summit in Northwest Arkansas stems from growing safety concerns among retailers and suppliers. White invites business professionals to make plans to attend and explains how the day’s sessions will break out.

“I would encourage anyone that owns a small boutique shop or a small business to attend the morning session,” he explains. “We’ll talk specifically about why people take things from retailers without paying for them and how losses can occur in retail. Also, we’ll talk through the industry of retail loss prevention. We’ll also be discussing ‘soft targets.’ We’ll examine why certain places are picked by people who intend to do bad things.

“The afternoon session will focus more toward suppliers and the bigger retail picture,” White continues. “Our experts will discuss what product changes can be made to encourage positive behavior in a retail environment. We’ll see how to influence positive engagement with your product so it’s bought, and the factors that lead to theft.”

Security In Today’s Retail World

securityWhite and his team at Tyco Retail Solutions help retailers and suppliers with security issues each day. Issues and trends they observe are also covered at the summit.

“One of the biggest issues is the emerging technology as it relates to security,” he says. “Historically, security and store operations have been two separate silos of technology. What we’re seeing now is they are migrating into one area of technology that supports the entire operation of the store.”

Making Safety and Security a Personal Issue

Personal safety is a growing issue, whether for your family or your customers. Special sessions are included in the summit dealing directly with hot topics for the business and home. White concludes by explaining what will make these discussions different and valuable for future planning.

“A lot of people in our country are worried about ‘what could happen,’ because we see it on the news every day,” he explains. “I think people are past the point of ‘What is my city doing about this?’ More are now asking ‘What can I do about this? What are the steps I can take as a small business owner, as a big business employee, or just personally? What are things I can do to keep my family safe, keep my customers safe, and keep my business safe?’

security“These are topics that have not been explored broadly in the past. We’ll be exploring those topics,” he continues. “We’ll also show what you should be thinking about in terms of someone doing pre-operational surveillance on a location with the intent do to something bad. How do you best decide what is and isn’t suspicious behavior? Then, when you have a concern, what do you do with that concern?”

To see the entire agenda and to RSVP (free to you and your team), click here to learn more.

To hear our entire interview with Eric White, click the play button below.



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