Heart of Northwest Arkansas: The Mercy Foundation

Author: Lanie Petersen

A transcript of a recent Focus on Suppliers interview with Tom Hauge and Nicole Crawford from the Mercy Foundation.

What is Unique About Mercy and the Service it Provides to Northwest Arkansas?

Nicole: Two things:  For one, we’re a non-profit and we’re faith-based.  Our heritage starts way back in about 190 years ago with Catherine McCauley in Dublin, Ireland.  She really sought a need out in the community and wanted to help those less fortunate.  Here our story in the United States came in the ‘50s when the Dominican sisters started leading the health care right here in our hometown.  That transitioned to the Sisters of Mercy in the ‘90s.  It’s become what it is today where we are carrying on what we feel is a legacy of health care to the future.

We are Seeing Cranes all Over Rogers Because Mercy is Growing: What’s This All About?

Tom:  You got it. No, it’s funny.  I’ve heard recently that the crane is the region’s bird!

I liken the growth and the way Mercy’s approached it to really how suppliers and retailers have looked at categories or departments or segments within the aisle that are seeing some tremendous growth.  They’ve looked into the data behind it to determine what is it that’s driving the change.

A couple of years ago Mercy invested resources and time to look at a number of data sources external and internal to really assess the overall landscape and identify some gaps from a services perspective and across geographies.  As a result, they’ve developed a great plan that’s helping us to close those gaps.  We’ve got clinics going in all over the region.  Some awesome growth obviously happening at the hospital itself and some new jobs are going to be brought on board here very soon as a result.  So just some great things happening because of that growth.

How Does Mercy get its Support?

Nicole:  We really feel like it’s a partnership with the community.  We listen to their needs.  We try to address those.  We try to bring them along to advance the health care that’s right here.  We do have several different opportunities, whether that’s volunteering, serving on one of our corporate councils, or with a mission.

And then also our events:  We’ve got a big one coming up here right in December.  So December 2nd is our 24th annual charity ball.  We’re very excited to be around for that long and have such great community support to grow to where we are today. We will probably sell out close to sixteen-hundred individuals and corporations that are coming on board to help support health care advances right here.



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