Fashion Trends 2017 — Focus on Suppliers

Author: Lanie Petersen

A transcript from our September 18th, 2017 episode of Focus on Suppliers.

Jarrod:  Our next guests started out blogging and sharing great finds at Walmart stores.  That led to them developing their own line of apparel which is now available at  Bethany Halford and Amanda Jerkins are joining us again from Whoa, Wait. Walmart?

Jarrod: You start out as a blog.  Then it evolves into this great marketing influencer platform.  Now a line of apparel. How does this happen?

Amanda:  Bethany and I have been style soulmates and best friends for years, so we took it from a place where we like to shop together and share finds to taking that moment and developing it into clothing that we actually like and wear on a regular basis.

Jarrod:  So how do you go about using your own insights to promote your clothing line?

Bethany:  Well, we consider the biggest part of our job a customer service role.  So, we listen to the comments we receive and the feedback we get from all apparel finds that we post.  Even if they weren’t from our apparel line. We take those things into consideration because people are sending us direct messages about the sizing or the cut of a piece like “Man, I really wish I could find a piece that wasn’t fitted through my hips or something like that, you know?”  And we take all of those things into consideration when working on the line.

Jarrod:  Now with your line fashion being very trend-driven as we’re going into the holiday shopping season and so many great events coming up in 2018, what are you keeping your eye on in the next couple of months or the next six months that we need to be really aware of?

Amanda:  There are lots of really fun trends that we’re excited about.  The cold shoulder is going to continue on into next year.  Texture is a trend that’s coming up so you’ll see lots of velvet, satin, lace, things like that.  So, texture is huge.  Then there’s also some colors that we think are going be great like an ice blue in the winter.  But still paired with some deeper colors like wine and burgundy and things like that.

Jarrod: So with the products being online I’m sure you’ve got some great advice for our suppliers.  As a supplier how do I really make my products jump out online to ensure they’re successful?

Bethany:  I would say to tap into influencer marketing. Make sure that you are getting your product in front of an audience that aligns with your brand.  A great way to do that is by partnering with influencers.

Jarrod:  You know the last time you visited with us we did touch on influencers quite a bit. Especially for people in fashion and they’re thinking about making that jump online or they already have products online what are some of the advantages of partnering with an influencer to really get your name and your brand out there?

Bethany: I would say it’s that they know their audience really well.  And that gives them an edge when speaking to their audience about your product.  So you know, a good influencer will say yes, this is a great fit for me to share with my audience or they might say no, this isn’t a great fit.  But if they know their audience really well then they can communicate that to you and share the perfect fit product.



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