OTIF: Are You Prepared for the August Deadline?

Author: Jarrod Davis

Have you checked your OTIF “Minimum Objective” in Retail Link?

Suppliers will be held accountable for their On Time In Full (OTIF) performance in less than 8 weeks. Time is running out to impact your OTIF results for August.

There are some suppliers who are waiting to see what happens before they act. Colby Beland of CaseStack affirmed in a recent interview, “I still work with suppliers who don’t know what OTIF stands for.” If your company still doesn’t have a handle on OTIF, or has no concept of what’s about to hit in August, there is still a small window of time to make adjustments.

Need Help with OTIF Now?

With everything else on your plate, you may not have time to take a class. 8th & Walton OTIF experts are standing by to help you if:

  • Your current OTIF score is below the “Minimum Objective”
  • You haven’t completed your OTIF Action Plan
  • You don’t know where to start

Visit the OTIF Support page to schedule one-on-one time with an expert who will help evaluate your business, as well as create and implement an OTIF Action Plan.

Understand the OTIF Timeline

Joel Graham is Director of Client Services for 8th & Walton. On a recent 8th & Walton Conference Call podcast he answered what physically happens around Walmart’s OTIF deadline. “Suppliers will see the first set of fines in August,” he explains. “This is the first month of accountability. What we encourage suppliers to do is not focus on the fines. You should focus on the things to prevent fines in the first place.”

Get Educated on OTIF in Class or Conference

In addition to the OTIF Support desk, 8th & Walton is helping suppliers learn OTIF and improve supply chain performance. Suppliers can easily sign up for the OTIF class where they will learn:

  • Walmart’s expectations for OTIF shipments
  • How OTIF relates to MABD
  • How to pull, read, and navigate the OTIF scorecard
  • How On Time In Full performance will prevent fines
  • How to start building an OTIF Action Plan for your company

For suppliers in the Atlanta area, 8th & Walton is hosting a special OTIF and GRS Conference July 25 – July 26.

Consolidation Resources Help Your Score

When you’re trying to improve your OTIF score, a third-party consolidator can be a valuable resource. Colby Beland of CaseStack assists suppliers by showing how outsourcing consolidation and logistics saves time, money, and increases the OTIF score. Learn more by visiting the CaseStack website.



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