More On Time In Full (OTIF) Solutions Diffuse Panic After Deadline

Author: Jarrod Davis

Walmart suppliers have been hearing about the August On Time In Full (OTIF) deadlineotif for months. Most have been busy making preparations. Outside the supplier world, creative observers have chosen to build more panic than recognize the positive.

A recent business article suggested Walmart was “punishing its suppliers.” Sensationalized to be sure, but thankfully suppliers have more options for OTIF help after the deadline. Solutions from education on tools to complete logistics streamlining are available now for all suppliers.

An On Time In Full Education

For the supplier who has done nothing up to this point, late August into early September will be enlightening. However, it’s not too late to plan for improvement.

otifClasses like 8th & Walton’s Merchandise Logistics show suppliers the link between OTIF and GRS. Suppliers serious about forming teams to improve OTIF scores in the coming months may even choose to take a package of classes around Retail Link, Replenishment, Forecasting, and other options relating to On Time In Full success.

No time to take classes? Suppliers can customize their OTIF support to help make a plan. It only takes a few hours to help the supplier’s scorecard in some cases. More information can be found on the OTIF Support Page.

A Third-Party Solution

CaseStack Integrated Logistics Solutions has worked with many suppliers to prepare for the kickoff of On Time In Full. Colby Beland, CaseStack’s VP of Sales and Marketing, has monitored the OTIF progression since it was first announced and offers insight staying ahead of the game. “It really starts with the scorecard,” Beland explains, “and the tools Walmart has made available in Retail Link.

“This will show what’s driving the supplier’s OTIF score. He or she can see if it’s a otifdistribution center issue, a receiving issue, or a shipping issue, then develop a plan.” If the supplier has no team to focus on the OTIF score and make improvements, companies like CaseStack can step in to help.

CaseStack announced a new commitment to getting suppliers through the On Time In Full transition recently. Its new SupplyPike system is a cloud-based supply chain management platform that allows the supplier to integrate all information in their supply chain into one system.

No Panic Needed

While Walmart’s August deadline was firm, the solutions to transition are palatable. Resources are a click away for suppliers. Through education and strategic partnerships, OTIF stands to create more balance than panic.



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