How to Benefit from Powerful Workplace Sampling

Author: Jarrod Davis

As much as sampling programs have evolved, the core concept remains simple: “Try it samplingbefore you buy it.” From cheese cubes in a store at the point of purchase to a free detergent pouch in the mail, suppliers often distribute samples in broad strokes. Workplace Impact (WPI) has built a successful business on distributing samples for suppliers. However, WPI has orchestrated a more targeted approach.

The benefit to suppliers? Ensuring samples get right in the hands of consumers in the workplace. WPI has built a network of business relationships, resulting in a very captive audience. This unique marketing approach gets a sample, brochure, or coupon to the prospective customer while eliminating the clutter of getting lost in the “marketing shuffle.”

A Slumping Restaurant Industry

samplingNational Restaurant News reported sales analysis for the industry last April. For the previous five quarters, restaurant sales and foot-traffic saw a slow, downward trend. Even in a promising economy, various factors contribute to declining lunchtime restaurant sales:

  • Employees bringing lunch to work
  • Using lunch break to run errands over eating
  • Food bought at workplace cafeterias or vending machines
  • Growing corporate culture of lunch meetings in office

The lunchtime workplace creates a unique target demographic for restaurant sampling. It’s an audience Tim McCarthy and the WorkPlace Impact team recognize and find success.

Creating the WorkPlace Impact

McCarthy is president of WPI and has followed the restaurant trend closely. WPI has been promoting restaurants to employees at work for years. This gives the company a solid base of targeted relationships and experience for new clients needing a boost.

The experience WPI brings to this direct marketing is years in the making. Their research shows many employees make lunch decisions while at their desk in the morning. Proper timing of delivering a restaurant coupon or information on a lunch special is critical to the sale.

Striking While the Iron is Cold

As sales cool around lunchtime, it’s an excellent time to explore workplace sampling. Thesampling industry needs a targeted approach at the place decisions are made, and WPI provides the network of relationships with businesses already in place.

While the time is ideal for restaurants, WPI’s reach goes far beyond restaurant coupons and food samples. The direct marketing in the workplace is ideal for any supplier wanting assurance a sample gets in the hands of the audience. Learn more about the impact of WPI at



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