Was the Book Better? Shoppers Scream “Yes!”

Author: Jarrod Davis

Watching movies, whether in a theater or at home, is one of our favorite entertainment pastimes. Anyone who loves movies has that one friend: the book enthusiast. No matter what movie you just watched and how much you enjoyed it, that friend has the same comment, “Well, the book was better.”

booksI never believed it, but I took a friend up on the challenge a few years ago. After taking my son to the first Harry Potter movie, I decided to give the book a shot. As it turns out, my friend was correct. The experience of the book towered over the movie, and I also found that to be true with other movies based on books. Given this perspective, does one medium hurt the other? Brenda Allison, director of sales for ReaderLink, shows that the two mediums actually complement each other. In fact, they’re essential to each other for survival.

Movies Boost Classic Book Sales

When Allison visited recently on Focus on Suppliers, she brought a copy of Beauty and Beast with the classic Disney cartoon illustrations. I asked her if the new live-action Beauty and the Beast movie in the theaters had any impact on classic book sales.

“Absolutely,” Allison explains, “with a new movie in theaters, supporting titles do very well. It impacts everything: books, toys, any licensed merchandise.”

The book category can expect a surge in other classic books from new movies in theaters this year. One generating early excitement is the first theatrical release based on Stephen King’s hit novel It.

The Small Screen Does Its Part

A great book doesn’t need a major motion picture to get a resurgence of life. Another book Allison discussed on her appearance was 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher.

“It’s a great young adult book that came out several years ago. However, it is now a Netflix booksseries,” she explains. “A lot of people are now re-discovering this novel thanks to the popularity of the series that debuted in March.”

Fans Still Love Books

The real proof is in the numbers. Allison shows the correlation between new movie
releases and the rise in classic book sales. For the rich story– and for the extra dollars on the bottom line — the book is better! You can see Allison’s full interview on Focus on Suppliers.



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