A Welcome Obstacle on the Path to Purchase

Author: Jarrod Davis

Retail analysts pour over hours of consumer data each week. They’re watching us: how we shop, what we buy, where we browse, and all the details in between! Analyzing the shopper to improve sales is nothing new. However, one of our shopping habits that has expanded in recent years is the path to purchase.

As consumers, we take various paths to purchase. That just means we begin shopping in different places and ultimately complete our purchase in different places. Suppliers benefit from knowing our paths:

  • Researching an item online and buying it directly from the site we see it
  • Researching an item online in order to buy it in a store
  • Seeing an item in a store, then going online in search of a better price

There are many more paths to get from shop to cart, and no path is without obstacle. When that shopping path eventually leads to a physical store, this is the supplier’s chance to capitalize with an alluring obstacle. Disrupting a straight path to purchase with a creative pallet display detour is an effective way to capitalize on impulse purchases.

Pallet Displays Are Good Obstacles?

Companies like Excel Displays and Packaging will tell you a great pallet display for your product is still highly effective. As an “obstacle on the path to purchase,” you still have the chance to influence the shoppers’ decision while they’re in the aisle.

As in the examples above, many shoppers are researching a product online to purchase in a store. This destination shopping begins as a straight line, but the decision can change at the point of purchase (and research shows it does!). With a strategically placed display that leaps out at the customer, your product becomes the physical equivalent of a pop-up ad to educate and make the sale.

Inform in the Aisle

The best pallet displays are more than just flashy. They also educate the consumer about your product. This is your chance to speak directly to a potential customer at the point of purchase.

The average retail store has employees busily stocking shelves, changing modulars, and transferring freight. They may not be equipped to answer questions about your product, resulting in lost sales. A pallet display can effectively be your in-store representative with information in the graphics or a QR code. A simple scan of a QR code gives the customer direct information to close deal while making the final decision.

Strategic Placement for Strategic Sales

What’s the ultimate goal of a pallet display? Grab the sale in the store. In our technology path to purchase world, it’s a clever way to poach sales from the competition! The customer may research a competitor’s product online, but once in the aisle, a strategically placed “obstacle” can land the sale for you. Local companies like Excel Displays and Packaging can give you a head start to designing the display best for your business.




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