How to Increase Sales With Online Content

Author: Jarrod Davis

Retailers focusing their efforts on today’s shoppers will sometimes place customers into two camps: the in-store customer and the online customer. While there are extremes on both sides, the majority of today’s shoppers are in the middle. What that means is the delivery methods of in-store and online are not competing with one another; they are actually complementing each other.

Online for Information Over Purchasing

On a recent episode of Focus on Suppliers, Jessica Hendrix, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi X, explained this relationship. During the Future of Commerce segment, she presented how the omni-shopper is just that: a shopper. There are more omni-shoppers than omni-purchasers.

“There’s no question that ommi-channel is driving the future of retail, ” Hendrix says. ommi-shopper“Today, 70% of all purchases are influenced by digital, and that number is climbing.”

That 70% being influenced by digital is even happening while inside the brick and mortar store. Studies show shoppers are searching for product reviews and visiting supplier sites for product specifications while in the aisle. Gaining additional information at the shelf via QR code is also on the rise.

Using Shopper Behaviors to Sell More

Today’s shoppers have unlimited information, opinions, and product reviews at their fingertips. Companies need to be aware of how to use the online arena to positively impact both website and brick and mortal sales. Hendrix goes on to show how smart brands are taking advantage of this environment.

“With supercomputers in our homes (and our pockets!) to make informed purchases, how are brands and retailers using this change in behavior to drive growth? First, they understand the store is the ideal place to introduce new products, build awareness and trust, and engage in a little brand theater. Then, they use outlets like online ordering, drive-through pickup, and home delivery to encourage loyalty and repeat-purchase.”

One Goal for Any Path

omni-shopperHendrix leaves us with an important analysis on the ultimate goal for the online experience. “Omni-channel is all about creating an effortless path to purchase,” she concludes, “In an age of opportunity, we have to remember that shoppers are in a very different mindset in the store versus interacting with a screen.”




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