How to Complete the Easter Basket: Print Books!

Author: Jarrod Davis

It seems like it wasn’t that long ago when Easter was a peak selling season for only a few categories: celebrations/novelty, apparel, and candy. Maybe a spike in whole ham sales as families gathered for dinner on the weekend.Print Books

Today’s shoppers have turned the Easter season into a viable gift-giving holiday. Our favorite treats still have their place in the basket. However, personal and long-lasting gifts are becoming more popular among shoppers. Brenda Allison, Director of Sales for ReaderLink, watches the trends closely. As she explained in a recent interview on Focus on Suppliers, the thoughtful gift of a print book is something that will be remembered for a lifetime.

“When shoppers are looking for a unique, more personal gift,” Allison explains, “a print book is an excellent choice. It shows you put thought into giving your loved one something they can cherish for years.”

Later Easter, Bigger Basket

Easter falls three weeks later this year than it did last year. According to the National Retail Federation, that could translate into more revenue for retailers. The NRF recently conducted a survey to see what Americans plan to spend for the Easter holiday. Consumers estimate they will spend just over $150 per person, totaling over $18 billion nationally.

While food and clothing are the top purchase categories, third on the list was gifts. Gifts beat out candy, flowers, decorations, and greeting cards in terms of dollars spent. As shoppers look for gifts to give or add to the Easter basket, print books see an increase in sales throughout the season.

Print BooksAllison explains a variety of books are popular in the weeks leading up to Easter. More shoppers are looking for Bibles, devotional collections, or Easter-themed children’s books featuring their favorite character.”The shoppers will be looking for these specifically,” she includes,”and retailers have a great opportunity to build features around sought-after traditional books and new Easter-themed ones this season.”

Books for Easter Last a Lifetime

The popularity of print books as gifts this season all goes back to the sentiment and duration of the gesture. While the pastel eggs and varieties of candy are fun surprises, few things in the Easter basket last through the afternoon. The simple gift of a print book continues to be a favorite in adding that egg-stra special touch.



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