Powerful Marketing, or Feeling Lost in the Shuffle?

Author: Jarrod Davis

Your product or services are absolutely top-notch. Now it’s time to tell the world; in other WorkPlace Impact Marketingwords, it’s time for a marketing campaign. If you’re not a marketer at heart, sitting in those meetings can be grueling. Most of us have the same thoughts during a typical marketing presentation:

  • “This person is way too happy.”
  • “Does she know I don’t know what SEO means?”
  • “Did we really just spend 20 minutes discussing font?”
  • “Will anyone really see this ad?”

That last question is very valid. With all the time, creativity, and budget dollars spent on marketing, what are the chances your ad will be noticed by your target audience? Will it get lost in the sea of ads consumers are exposed to every day? WorkPlace Impact (WPI) tackles that issue head-on for clients each day. With a unique approach, WPI has found a way to navigate the “sea of ads” to reach the consumer.

Higher Tech, More to Read

Most marketing firms ask “who” is your target audience. WPI focuses on “where.” They base this on how our society has changed over the last few decades in how we see advertising.

USA Today published a study showing how many advertisements the average person living in a city viewed in one day. In the 1970s, a person could be exposed to between 500 and 2,000 forms of brand messaging. Today in our digital age, that number has jumped to WorkPlace Impact Marketingbetween 3,000 and 5,000 (quadrupling as you walk by labels in a grocery store).

The numbers show the “sea of ads” is a reality, but marketing analysts point out a more sobering one. As many ad messages as we’re exposed to each day, less than a dozen actually make an impression that will be remembered. This is where WPI steps in to champion suppliers.

Marketing to the Captive Audience

Consumers are making a lot of personal decisions at work:

  • Where to eat lunch
  • What to pick up on the way home
  • What to do on the weekend

WorkPlace Impact gets your information, coupon, or product sample in the hands of consumers while they are still at work. By establishing a relationship with a business, WPI creates the direct route to potential customers. Unlike traditional marketing, it gives them an experience they’ll remember at the end of the day. Your product or service breaks the monotony of the traditional workday. It’s a nice break they’ll definitely remember at the end of the day.

For a deeper dive into their unique approach to target marketing, visit workplaceimpact.com.



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