Do You Need To Get OTIF Under Control?

Author: Jarrod Davis

Walmart works hard to keep up with customer demand, and suppliers work hard to keep MABDup with Walmart. As far back as 2010, Walmart has focused on delivery compliance standards to meet a “must arrive by date” (MABD). These standards hold suppliers accountable for getting product in the warehouse and to the shelves when the customers want it. Last year, Walmart announced its new On Time In Full (OTIF) initiatives, which shrinks the MABD from four days to two. If your company is struggling to meet the new guidelines, contracting a third-party may be a viable solution.

CaseStack Prepared for New OTIF

Since the announcement of the new OTIF initiative, CaseStack has promoted the convenience of partnering with third-party consolidators. Colby Beland is Vice President of Sales and Marketing at CaseStack, which provides consolidation, transportation and warehousing solutions to its clients. He promotes all the advantages for suppliers to consider partnerships, removing the MABD pressure from their plates. However, no endorsement is stronger than a customer testimonial, which was a pleasant surprise on a recent episode of Focus on Suppliers (FOS).

Proof’s in the Pudding . . . or Salsa!

Helen Lampkin and Ashley Pointer, of My Brother’s Salsa, appeared on the FOS Super Bowl special. When asked how their company was keeping up with the looming MABD change, Pointer explained that the recent partnership with CaseStack made things much easier.

“When we first started doing business with Walmart, we did everything ourselves,” she explains, “We had a warehouse and did the palletizing. As our business has grown, we moved to a third-party warehouse and consolidator program. They handle all of it for us, and we’ve had a really good experience with CaseStack.”

MABDThe new OTIF is no worry for My Brother’s Salsa. They had already seen improvements in working with CaseStack. “They really improved our MABD time from the way we had it set up before. It got cut down by about a week. We are confident CaseStack will meet and exceed Walmart’s new OTIF expectations.”

Taking Control by Partnership

Missing the new OTIF can end up costing your company in sales and fees. If a third-party partnership is a viable option for your 2017 P&L, you can learn more about CaseStack’s services by emailing [email protected] calling 855-368-3500 or visiting



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