An Interesting Visit Behind the Scenes with Menasha

Author: Jarrod Davis

My favorite day of the workweek is Wednesday. At the 8th & Walton studios, WednesdayMenasha globalization is when we tape our Focus on Suppliers broadcast. It’s exactly what you imagine: arranging notes, hot lights shining down on the set, laughing at blunders here and there, having a great time helping suppliers connect with others in the CPG community.

As much fun as I have with the guests on the set, the best part of Wednesday for me is the conversations we have when the cameras aren’t rolling. It’s fascinating to learn how suppliers enjoy their travels, what they do in their free time (if they have any!), and what plans their companies have as we forge into 2017.

Kerry Bailey is the team lead for Menasha, and came in recently to tape a segment for the FOS Super Bowl special. Even though he stopped in to talk about Retailtainment around the big game, it was our conversation off camera that really intrigued me. Kerry is very excited about plans Menasha has for this year: taking its supply chain solution further internationally.

Menasha Endeavoring Overseas

I used the words “further internationally” to describe Menasha’s expansion plans because of Kerry’s explanation to me. “We’re already international because we do business now in Canada,” he said. “I keep forgetting they’re international because you can drive there.”

That line made me laugh, but he’s exactly right! Menasha’s plans are to begin global expansion beyond North America this year. To create a more robust globalization of supply chain solutions, Menasha is working to reach the United Kingdom, Japan, parts of South America as well as taking its first steps in South Korea.

I See Your Stuff!

It was a great conversation behind the cameras, and I loved watching how excited Kerry got just talking about Menasha and taking its solutions around the globe. Later, we nailed the interview in one take (he’s more professional than me), had a few more laughs, then he was off to conquer the world.

Back at my desk, I scrambled to find an article written recently by Walmart CEO Doug McMillon. Talking about our current technology as it relates to the future of retail, he wrote, “Customers all over the world now know, and can see, what people in other countries have, and they want access to it all. And they want it now.” Doug gave examples of international products, but his words meant much more.

Other countries can also see our talent, our solutions, our marketing, and our processes. Menasha is taking a visionary step in strengthening the globalization of supply chain solutions and seeking the demand in new places.

It’s always exciting to talk with suppliers and retailers so passionate about the future of their business. Not bad for a Wednesday.



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