No Free Time? Employees Surf for Deals on the Clock

Author: Jarrod Davis

Most of us in the workplace have the same routine each night. After a long day at the office, we sit down to a late dinner with a familiar place setting: plate, silverware, napkin, smartphone. Staying connected and working after hours is becoming the rule over the exception, but a healthy work/life balance still finds a way. Recent studies show as employees work more on their personal time, they are using more time at work to take care of personal tasks. When that personal task is online shopping, many employers are surprisingly lenient.

Networking or Notworking?

online shoppingThat person in the next cubicle may look like he’s on a conference call or updating a report, but look closer! According to a CareerBuilder survey after the 2016 Cyber Monday, 53% of employees said they used time at work to shop online. In companies that block most sites or have limited internet access, 49% of employees stated they used personal smartphones and tablets to shop. Robert Half Technology conducted an earlier study of employees showing 43% have surfed the web for bargains while bored working on other projects.

The results of the two studies may seem high, but in part indicate that many companies are understanding of their workers’ needs and approve of online shopping within reason.

New Ground to Reach Shoppers

More companies not only approve of employees shopping at work, but they welcome partnerships with local businesses and national suppliers to market directly to their teams. WorkPlace Impact has been overseeing these partnerships for more than two decades and has taken a unique approach to connecting businesses with this captive audience.

If you’re a supplier, WorkPlace Impact can put your product or service right into the hands of new customers where they work. By building relationships with businesses and doing all the legwork for you, WorkPlace Impact makes it easy way to put that personal presentation or sample of your product in front of new eyes where they spend the most time. It’s not always easy for these customers to come to you, but WorkPlace Impact has recognized the changing business culture over the last several years and fine-tuned this unique direct marketing process.

Finding the right way to reach the shopper at work is a simple click away for you as well! Start the sales climb in 2017 by visiting and learning more about the at-work shopper.



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