This Unexpected Category Actually Drives Trips to the Store

Author: 8th and Walton

dog in motionChanging values and shopping habits are driving change  — and growth — in retail. On this week’s special episode of Focus on Suppliers, experts discuss two categories undergoing a major transformation: PETS and BOOKS.

Pets: A Trip-Driver

According to retail expert, Kerry Bailey (Menasha), the pets category has seen dramatic change in the last ten years. Once a pit-stop for pet food and essentials, this department is now a “trip driver” and an “endearment” category for stores like Walmart.

millennialsPet owners today count their pets as full members of the family. So, Bailey explains, “Shoppers want to touch and feel those products.”

This mentality has created new standards for pet displays and packaging. Millennials in particular are looking for more transparency in how their pets’ products are produced, what ingredients are used, and how they are handled throughout the supply chain. Bailey offers concrete advice for suppliers on how to engage these pet-lovers at shelf through their packaging.

Make an Impression

It’s important to make the right impression with both your customers: the retailer and the end-consumer. Andy Kavovit (inventor, entrepreneur, and Emmy award-winning actor) joins host Neile Jones to discuss his big meeting with Sam’s Club. Kavovit shares a fresh perspective on how to get the attention of large retailers when traditional methods aren’t producing results. And, of course, we get an inside look at Kavovit’s new, colorful spin on classic Christmas lights.

Update: Supply Chain Reliability Requirements

Logistics expert, Colby Beland, gives an update on Walmart’s changing MABD requirements for suppliers.

Some key points to look for in this week’s show:

  1. When working with Walmart, the cost of a failed interaction is high. Take advantage of any opportunities to support and develop your emerging leaders.
  2. Millennials are more connected to their pets than any other generation. To connect with this shopper, find ways to involve these new family members in your marketing.
  3. Whether you reinvent or create a brand new product, take steps to protect your intellectual property.

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