CaseStack’s Growth Solidifies Their Experience and Knowledge of Supply Chain Distribution

Author: 8th and Walton


As suppliers grow their businesses, logistics becomes a major concern. As Walmart tightens the reins on suppliers, it becomes even more important to control costs and keep products on the shelves. Having products already in place around the country helps suppliers maintain a good relationship with Walmart and other retailers. It also makes it easier for suppliers to work together in developing in-store promotions that pair different products together.


Finding the Right Logistics Partner

For many supplier businesses, these demands require partnering with a logistics specialist to assist with supply chain management. It also means that the third party logistics firm has to be able to keep up with its client’s expanding businesses. It isn’t enough to have one warehouse in one location. Consumers want their products when they want them, so on shelf availability and quick e-commerce delivery times are crucial.

How CaseStack’s Growth Helps Its Clients

In response to the changing supplier climate, CaseStack began an expansion plan. Over the past 18 months CaseStack has experienced a tremendous amount of growth internally, doubling the number of employees and, externally, adding offices throughout the US, acquiring additional warehouse locations and square footage. 

This growth means that CaseStack is in a better position than ever to help its clients expand their businesses, become more efficient, and reduce costs. In addition to its expanded staff and additional locations, CaseStack offers unique guarantees and supplier protections, including:

  • Guaranteed Service Levels to keep Retailer Scorecards high & top-of-category reputation.
  • Warranties against exposure from some retailer MABD penalties that may hurt supplier margins.

Suppliers who want to learn more about CaseStack and its services can visit their website at, or call them at +1 (866) 828-7120.




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