Dun & Bradstreet Offers Free Credit Reports After Brexit

Author: 8th and Walton

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The recent referendum in the United Kingdom came as a shock to many people. Government and business leaders found themselves unprepared for the reality of the UK leaving the European Union in two years. The shock was felt all over the world, in fact, as financial markets dropped among all the uncertainty.

Business owners, in particular, may have significant concerns about the companies they plan to do business with. This is particularly true for organizations that work with UK-based companies. For this reason, Dun & Bradstreet is reaching out to businesses that do not currently subscribe to a Dun & Bradstreet risk solution.

Free Reports for New Customers

Until July 31, 2016, Dun & Bradstreet will provide US-based businesses that are not current subscribers with up to $5,000 worth of business credit reports for US, Canadian, and UK-based companies. These reports are based on information from Dun & Bradstreet’s extensive business records, which are updated constantly throughout each day.

Jeff Stibel, Vice Chairman of Dun & Bradstreet, explains why Dun & Bradstreet has made this decision:

“In light of the changing business environment created by the Brexit decision, we are offering our premium credit services for free until July 31st to help U.S. companies limit any potential exposure and ultimately take appropriate actions to help minimize the impact to their businesses.”

In a recent press release, Dun & Bradstreet explained that businesses signing up for the service will not be required to provide any payment method. Dun & Bradstreet will also provide monitoring services for a full year so that companies taking advantage of this offer can keep an eye on important changes that may affect business decisions.


The Offer in Summary

Below is a list of the services being provided by Dun & Bradstreet as part of this offer:

  • Provide access to its D&B Credit Reporter product to U.S. companies without a current Dun & Bradstreet risk solution through July 31, 2016 at no charge at www.dandb.com/brexit.

  • Allow companies in the US to access up to $5,000 worth of complete D&B business credit reports on companies in the U.S., Canada and U.K.  Companies will have unlimited access to those reports for the month of July.

  • Send 12 months of email alerts identifying detected changes to the business credit files of the companies being monitored.

  • No credit card or other financial information will be collected from companies in need of this opportunity.  This is a one-time offer that is not renewable.

Need more information? Contact Dun & Bradstreet today online or by phone at 1-800-258-6498.



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