Suppliers: You Need to Create Experiences for Millennials

Author: 8th and Walton

Crowd plays with beach balls before the Dave Matthews show at Bader field in Atlantic City, N.J., Sunday June 26, 2011. (AP Photo/The Press of Atlantic City, Ben Fogletto)

Crowd plays with beach balls before the Dave Matthews show at Bader field. (AP Photo/The Press of Atlantic City, Ben Fogletto)


Don’t let memes and media reports fool you; Millennials may like their devices, but they love to engage with others. In fact, according to Jessica Hendrix of Saatchi & Saatchi X, eight out of every ten Millennials name an in-person activity or event as the best experience of their lives. Even more interesting is that Millennials are 78% more likely to interact with a brand or product because they connect the brand or product with a positive experience.

How Suppliers Can Use This Information

In a recent episode of Focus on Suppliers, Hendrix explained how suppliers can use this information to bond with millennial consumers:

Millennials“As we think about how to connect with our shoppers in-store and really at that emotional level, what kind of experiences can we create for them as they’re shopping for products throughout the store that allow them to connect and engage?  When we think about outside the store activities, how do we make sure that each of those pieces draws back to the retail environment we’re driving the Millennial to?”

Tie Your Brand or Product in with Positive Life Experiences

Take a good look at your brand or product and see how you can tie it in with positive life experiences. If you’re selling food or beverage, highlight the fun times that friends can have together on a picnic or dinner at someone’s home. If you’re sponsoring a promotion in a non-retail environment, give out a flyer with dates of upcoming in-store promotions (and maybe a coupon or two) that encourage customers to visit a retailer and buy your product.

Photo BoothThe approach with Millennials needs to be one that acknowledges that this is a generation of people who enjoy connections. Connect with these folks inside and outside of stores to get their attention and to earn their business.




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