What Suppliers Need to Know About Walmart’s MABD Expectations

Author: 8th and Walton

What Suppliers Need to Know About Walmarts MABD Expectations

Are you prepared to meet Walmart’s MABD expectations?

This is the question CaseStack, the industry leader in collaborative retail consolidation programs, supply chain management, and integrated warehousing services, is asking CPG suppliers to Walmart.

IMG_6582Colby Beland, Vice-President Sales and Marketing for CaseStack, was interviewed on Focus on Suppliers, the television show dedicated to helping Walmart suppliers. During the conversation, he stated that MABD will impact suppliers greatly and then clarified what is on the horizon for them.

“Let’s look at history,” began Beland. “In 2010, Walmart announced supply chain reliability. They allowed about six months for suppliers to figure it out. Six months after that, suppliers were held responsible for it. It will probably be about the same for MABD.”

MABD was announced at Year Beginning Meeting in February 2016. Using the same time-frame, suppliers can expect a conversation about it at upcoming line reviews — an evaluation of how they are making the change from a 4-day window at 90% to a 1-day window at 95%. Then, at Year Beginning Meeting in 2017, Beland expects MABD will be rolled out officially and suppliers will be held accountable.

“Suppliers now have six months to figure out how to do this and get it in place. They need to start now to determine who can help them. There is no time to waste,” Beland emphasized.

Because MABD is a very important and timely initiative, the interview with Beland will be aired twice the weekend of Walmart Shareholders Meeting on KNWA-NBC (June 4 and 5) and then will be available on YouTube, Vimeo, and as a podcast on iTunes.

When asked to comment about Walmart’s annual meeting, Beland said, “CaseStack welcomes Walmart shareholders to Northwest Arkansas. With our office here in this area, we are very aware of the enthusiasm and excitement that surround these annual meetings. We really like the idea of shareholders exploring our region, getting to see what the world’s largest retailer calls home.

“We’re proud of our partnership with Walmart and also proud to have them as our neighbor. The Walmart Corporation supports our community in so many ways. It is nice to know that shareholders are able to see how appreciative many local organizations are for their support.”

To learn more about CaseStack, visit www.casestack.com.

Update: OTIF (On TIme, In Full) has moved to the tops of suppliers’ TO DO lists. Learn tips, background of the initiative, and how to better navigate these supply-chain waters.



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