Be Proactive! Combat Forced Labor in Your Supply Chain

Author: 8th and Walton

dbThe ability to gather, track, and interpret data has changed the way everyone does business: Retailers and suppliers alike. It also means that businesses are increasingly held accountable by governments, and other businesses, for ensuring that their goods and services are produced ethically.

Over the past several years, the media and activist groups have drawn attention to the problem of slavery and human trafficking in the harvesting and production of consumer goods. As a result, many companies, including retailers, are asking suppliers to monitor their supply chain for possible human rights violations. Companies that are unable to account for how their goods are produced will be at a disadvantage in an increasingly socially aware business and regulatory environment.

Dun & Bradstreet has a long history of helping businesses make good decisions. While D&B may be best known for helping business leaders evaluate the credit worthiness of potential suppliers and clients, we are also concerned about an organizationā€™s ethics. That is why D&B developed the Human Trafficking Risk Index (HTR).

The HTR makes use of multiple intelligence sources, including our own proprietary database, as well as governmental sources. This analytic allows D&B clients to make important decisions about working with suppliers and other possible business partners.

Clearly, the most important benefit of HTR is that a can become an important tool in protecting vulnerable people all over the world. When a business is able to use good information to select only ethical suppliers, everyone benefits. In addition, businesses that use this service can protect their own brand and interests.

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