Webinar Spells Out Walmart Label Requirements

Author: 8th and Walton


A new webinar from 8th & Walton is aimed at keeping Walmart suppliers from having to ask, “That store has plenty of product on-hand. Why are we seeing zero sales?”

The answer is usually the same: The product arrived, was checked in, then got misplaced or lost in the back of the store.

Walmart has focused on the issue of backroom product and how to increase efficiency to get that product on the shelf. Walmart suppliers are invited to watch a new webinar on May 5 (and May 19) explaining new requirements for corrugated cased shipping containers for the Food Division that will improve the backroom-to-shelf process.

The webinar will be hosted by Ron Sasine of Hudson Windsor. With over 25 years of retail packaging knowledge, Sasine has a natural passion for process improvement and understands Walmart’s commitment to operational efficiency in each store.


“Every trip an associate makes to the back of the store has to matter,” Sasine explains. “When that associate can’t find the product because the container is mislabeled or blurred, it creates inefficiencies for store associates, which creates out-of-stocks for customers. All that eventually causes costs to go up.”

Making that trip to the backroom takes time and payroll dollars. During the webinar, Sasine will discuss how Walmart’s new requirements for labeling corrugated cases for food can make each trip to the backroom more productive. “Current marking requirements are adequate,” he adds, “but not optimal.”  

Walmart has optimized its marking requirements for food cases so associates will be able to find exactly what they need when they go to the back of the store the first time. By tuning in to the webinar, suppliers will learn the new requirements, the purposes behind the new requirements, how to execute against the new requirements, and the options they have for how best to execute against the new requirements.

It’s another big step in efficiency, and a step away from zero sales. Make plans to watch on May 5 (or May 19) by registering online for your preferred date.






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