OPAL: Complete Drop-ship Order Automation

Author: 8th and Walton

Frustrated Businesswoman

“Spending more than 60 seconds to process and fulfill one order?”

All online purchasing has a simplistic interface: point, click, pay, wait for delivery. A customer shopping from home or a retailer ordering for select business units can glide through a warehouse full of inventory in minutes. It only takes a few fun clicks for online shoppers to get goods ordered.

With all the effort placed into making the consumer user interface for ordering product so fluid, it’s surprising to learn many suppliers’ backend process of fulfillment is still very primitive. Processing orders manually by entering redundant data into multiple portals is just a small example of chaos happening behind the scenes to get product shipped to consumers.

OPAL is bringing relief to suppliers by not only managing order fulfillment end-to-end but also by doing so without the supplier lifting a finger.

From purchase order acknowledgement to doorstep delivery, OPAL has made a priority of taking the frustration out of drop-ship order processing. This cloud-based technology builds its entire application on two basic necessities:

  1. Automation – OPAL is completely self-driving. It automatically processes orders and creates the custom branded packing slip, 3rd party shipping label, makes the accounting entry for supplier, sends advance ship notice, invoices, and even updates inventory.
  2. Integration – No need to train employees on multiple systems. OPAL is fully integrated with leading retailers for complete automation with all supplier retail relationships. It’s also fully integrated with shipping carriers like FedEx and UPS to easily receive status updates and track deliveries in real time from one portal.

OPAL has narrowed its focus to these two building blocks as a direct result of what the industry demands. Suppliers in the drop-ship business face two challenges to keep retailers and consumers happy: time and accuracy. The customer wants what he/she ordered exactly as it was seen online and as soon as possible. OPAL has taken great steps to eliminate human error by automating the process from start to finish. This more fluid backend system has a proven track record of increasing accuracy in orders by 99%.

The greatest savings OPAL shows suppliers is time. Bringing the entire fulfillment process to one portal and keeping employees from signing into multiple systems makes better use of payroll dollars. The automation has shown to reduce order processing time by 90%, bringing the order processing cost down 80%. OPAL takes the manual details out of the employees’ hands. After the system sends the shipping file to the warehouse, all the employees have to do is print and ship.

OPAL takes pride in bringing “no-touch” technology to make the backend of drop-ship first class. To learn more about its full integration system, visit meetopal.com.



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