That First Impression: Grabbing Customers with Product Pages

Author: 8th and Walton


“You never get a second chance to make that first impression” is as true as it is cliché for the online customer. Today’s shoppers are educating themselves about your goods and services long before they see a friendly greeter at the door or colorful signs in the store window. With the ability to shop, compare and purchase without leaving home, dynamic product pages on your website are the key to turning a visitor into a repeat customer.

Your product pages are most effective when every SKU of every product you carry is searchable. It’s important to remember the average online shopper does not visit your website to browse. Customers online are destination shoppers: They already know exactly what they want. They’re just checking your site to see if you have it in the size, color, flavor and all specifications they require.

Specifications and how they are presented are key. Whether the customer is purchasing online or simply researching a product to purchase in the store, conveying the information they need to make the right choice is delicate. Less is more in online copy; think quick. That customer wants to know what your product features in very few sentences, but as many bullet points as you need. Concise bullet lists of product features get that site visitor what they need and to the checkout faster.

While the human eye is drawn to those bullet lists, it races to your product page photos. Images on your site will make or break the sale. To lock in that customer, always provide alternate views of your product (rotating images, zooming options, multiple shots, etc.). While every SKU doesn’t need its own photo, one SKU with a color swatch or table of options will convey your variety to the shopper.

The last step in the sale is getting them to the checkout. Remember, you have two online customers: those that purchase online and those researching product to come to your store. For the online shopper, ensure the “add to cart” and “proceed to checkout” buttons are clearly visible and consistently placed on each product page. For the customer doing research, indicate whether or not the products they’re viewing can be purchased in the store or if they are “online only.”

Online shoppers have chosen you when they hit your site. Building dynamic product pages to showcase what they’re looking for quickly and efficiently will entice them to visit over and over. Go back and look at your pages today as if you’re receiving that “first impression.” That’s the impression you want to turn that visitor into a customer.



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