Menasha Hosts Shopper Marketing Workshop

Author: 8th and Walton

Innovation is key for Walmart, and today’s press toward cost-cutting makes innovation even more significant. With current restrictions on shopper marketing, ROI remains important – but with less room for experimentation and more need for data-driven decision-making. Successful in-store execution becomes mandatory: Get it right the first time!

Recently, Menasha offered help to suppliers. The packaging giant works with both suppliers and retailers to create packaging solutions that meet packaging needs in terms of sustainability, costs, and brand image — and still appeals to consumers so merchandise goes off the shelves and into the shopping basket. In October, Menasha helped its suppliers by providing guidance to the most pressing issues around shopper marketing by hosting an in-store merchandising workshop.

Kerry Bailey, Retail Director of Menasha, invited Walmart experts to convey their expectations and standards to suppliers attending the day-long workshop at the John Q. Hammons Center in Rogers. Topics were meaningful and offered practical solutions and guidance directly from Walmart leaders:

  • What works and why in visual merchandising
  • Evolution and innovation of packaging
  • Execution for small format
  • Planning and promotion in grocery

At the close of the workshop, Neile Jones, Emmy Award-winning host of 8th & Walton’s Focus on Suppliers, spoke with Bailey about the significance of day’s event – “Everyone is always looking for new ideas, insights, and the next innovation” — and about a series of interviews with Bailey scheduled for November and December on KNWA-NBC (Saturdays at 6:30 p.m. and Sundays at 5:00 a.m.).

While packaging is often looked at from the point of view of design and branding, it is more complicated than that today. But merchandising success is well within reach of every supplier. Menasha’s workshop made that abundantly clear.

Suppliers can contact Menasha for guidance and insights through their custom-tailored solutions. Don’t miss Menasha’s 2016 Retail Promo Guide with its promotional calendars and seasonal data from top retailers.



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